The VicHyper Design

The VicHyper prototype design encapsulates ingenuity, simplicity and functionality.


Revolving around the ability to test our award-winning braking system, the VicHyper pod design is simply driven by performance. Composed of carbon fibre to minimise weight and shaped to reduce drag at extreme speeds, VicHyper’s prototype is three metres long and a metre high.

For the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, VicHyper’s prototype will be wheeled to test the capability of our tiered braking system alongside the acceleration provided by our linear induction motors.

VicHyper’s award-winning braking system is driven by safety encompassing a four-tiered approach

  1. Primary braking will achieved through eddy current arrays

  2. Secondary braking from two specially designed battery-powered linear induction motors

  3. Additionally, rail brakes are integrated with the stability system using friction pads

  4. For the purpose of the competition, wheeled brakes are utilised to ensure a maximum level of safety