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Waste Solutions

Technology that takes the thought, effort and problems out of recycling while paying you to do it.

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Effective recycling of waste is an issue that must be addressed on local, national and international levels.

Reckless disposal of waste ties up land and resources in ever growing landfills.

VicHyper has identified that effective waste management systems require large scale social change. But the problem with a social change is that it takes time, money and that humans only change if it benefits them. Unfortunately, the planet and it’s people do not have time, and getting a social change to happen in 3rd world countries is near impossible.

VicHyper’s solution is to incentivise people to recycle all waste types by incentivising them through a monetary reward. We will do this through technology.

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Hyperloop is a new form of transportation technology that has the ability to transport people near the speed of sound (1000km/h). Vichyper started their journey working in this futuristic technology space.

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Since February 2017, VicHyper has been developing Hyperloop technology for the Australian context, in the areas of Tube Networks, Magnetic Levitation, and Propulsion.

Preliminary research has shown that infrastructure and its associated costs are the largest inhibitor to Hyperloop’s implementation. Therefore, VicHyper has principally focused its efforts on researching and developing concepts for an automated manufacturing process that would enable manufacturing of a Tube Network that could span across Australia



VicHyper Team

After the competition the team decided that they wanted to keep pushing with the Hyperloop project in Australia, with the ultimate goal of getting a commercial system running from Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane. An objective of the Vichyper was to implement a technology that could properly link the rural areas to the urban areas and break this barrier.

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