Developing Sustainable Technologies

In our modern society we are facing many challenges as urban populations continue to grow, plastic waste continues to increase and waste management systems continue to be strained. With China no longer accepting contaminated recyclables and the bankruptcy of a major recycling facility operator in Australia we need to develop innovative new solutions to these current challenges.

After extensive research and information from key stakeholders we recognised that one of the biggest challenges faced by the Australian recycling industry is accurate segregation of different waste types into separate streams with minimal contamination rates.

In contrast to many other developed nations Australia utilises a system of single stream recycling that is then processed in large warehouses with huge machines to sort through the different material types. This has proved to be highly inefficient to the point of being cost prohibitive for some operators. 

With recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning it is now possible to develop the technology to sort and segregate recyclables using sensors and automation that will fit into the size of existing curbside bins. 

This will enable us to guarantee manufacturers utilising recyclable materials that we can provide accurately segregated waste with the lowest contamination rates. These recycled materials can then be reused in new products and become a part of the circular economy rather than ending up in landfill or polluting our oceans and waterways.